These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.
Umbrielle is the daughter of Amelia and Wonderland's the White Rabbit.
Type of Doll Darak-i C-Remy.
Type of Eyes Glib acrylic
Face-up in picture above  
Modifications none
Wig Monique
Date of Birth  
Gender Female
Her name means From the shadows
Personality Umbrielle strives to be a great reporter, currently publishing and distributing her very own newspaper with all the news from her town and beyond!
Background Umbrielle's mother Amelia returned home from quite an adventure, baring her withing unknowingly. Amelia was pleasantly surprised when she found she was pregnant, but found it difficult to explain the child's bunny ears when she was born. Her Wonderland background has thankfully not placed a stigma on Umbrielle and the curious, but drawn back child began exploring the world with pen and paper. She can express herself better in writing than in speech, which triggered her love for journalism.
Goals in life  

This is Umbrielle:



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