These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.
You can however request face-ups and mods in the same style as some of our dolls.
Takahiro was the very first BJD to come live with us.
Type of Doll Angelregion Fair Kai
Type of Eyes Angelregion default glass eyes
Face-up in picture above Default Angelregion with enhancement by Pink Hazard
Modifications 12-12-2006 (but he is 16)
Date of Birth 29-12-2006 (but she is 15)
Zodiac Capricorn, Dog - fire
Gender Male
His name means Valuable, precious
Personality Romantic, dreamer, sensitive, loyal, love black.
Background Real world: I actually arrived to this house by accident. The people who own us ordered Diana, but when the younger woman opened the box, she was a little disappointed to see that her girl was flat-chested. The she was surprised to see I wasn't a girl at all. Then she became a little angry: dammit! They sent me a boy body! Then she started to wonder: didn't Diana's face look different? Which is when she came to the conclusion that I was the wrong doll. Can you imagine: me, being wrong!? Anyway, she thought I belonged to somebody else and she contacted Angelregion, posted on DOA and hoped for the best. But I was so darn cute, being all naked and bald and only having girl pants and a dress to fit me. Then the other woman came home and instantly fell in love with my charming self. A few days later, no-one claimed me and Angelregion had given them the opportunity to purchase me. Ofcourse they did, and also re-ordered Diana, who is now named Nariko and is very much my girlfriend. Doll world: my parents are always travelling and they allowed me to study in the Netherlands where I rented an apartment with Nariko. When we moved in together, Nariko insisted on decorating our apartment, she said that I have no taste and she would be much better at it. I wish I had said no, because it's VERY pink now. Oh, well, better luck next time around. Later in 2007, my parents entrusted the care for my brother and sister to me as well. They have been living with us ever since. I like having them around, although I never get any peace anymore with them nearby. I'm also in a rockband and I hope to become famous one day, I'm the lead guitarist and my buddy Connor plays the bass guitar. Unfortunately, we don't have a drummer yet.
Hobbies Playing my guitar. I don't really collect anything, but I like games and have a lot of them. I always make Nariko play them, although she'd rather design outfits or sew for her dollies. I also enjoy drawing and writing poetry and I'm attracted to things with skulls on them.
Goals in life I'm working really hard to become a great musician. I try to play my guitar everyday and I write my own lyrics. I am a big fan of Mistula, the first BJD Rock band, I hope I can someday play that well. I'm also a huge fan of Within Temptation!
Favorite quote: Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence. Robert Fripp
Pets: I love spending time with my collie dog Angel.

This is Takahiro:

Takahiro's default face-up. Takahiro's first face-up enhancement, by Pink Hazard.    


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