These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.
You can however request face-ups and mods in the same style as some of our dolls.
Súileabhán is the sister of Siobhánn and Aoibheann.
Type of Doll Doll Chateau Bella with Dollzone Renata spike arm in white skin
Type of Eyes Kanis glass eyes
Face-up in picture above Pink Hazard
Modifications Gave her the spike arm, modded a third eye into her forehead.
Wig Doll Leaves
Date of Birth  
Gender Female
Her name means black eyed/little dark eyes (gaelic)
Personality As the seer of the future, she does not care about the past or the present. To her, only the future matters. Tomorrow is a promise, change, possibilities. She looks onward and nourishes the seed of time that is yet to come.
Background The seer of the future neglects her vessel, starving it and taking no care of it's appearance. She can jump to a new host whenever she needs to. Her current vessel she chose as her face reminded her of herself when she was still new to the world. Much like a Nixe, she lay in the lake in a forest one day, when her old vessel was worn out. She knew that the girl she was preying on would walk by the waterside, only to find a mangled person half floating in the water, half on the muddy gound. Startled, but curious the girl would come to take a closer look at the presumed corps, only to find herself evicted into the emaciated shell that Súileabhán left for her. The girl died within hours, but the seer lived on.
Her sisters and herself do not always get along, they are too different and walk their own paths. Occasionally they run into eachother and at best tolerate their presence.
Goals in life To be able to keep seeing what is to come and fortell to any who are worthy for and capable of handling the heavy burden of knowledge.

This is Súileabhán:

Seer of the future Arbor Mortis Beware of the Marshes The Pineal Eye


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