These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.
You can however request face-ups and mods in the same style as some of our dolls.
Sivia lives with Fiyero's clan in the woods.
Type of Doll Soom Monthly Winnie Dee Afi ( dreaming head ).
Type of Eyes pink blind glass eyes
Face-up in picture above Pink Hazard
Modifications Opened eyes
Date of Birth 11-03-2010
Gender Female
Her name means Hebrew, deer
Personality A little shy, runs away from danger
Background I live with my clan  of Therianthropes, we are all part animal by curse but have found a way to co-exist and survive by working together.
Goals in life To survive

This is Sivia:

Sivia Close-up EFF Arcen 2010    


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