These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.
You can however request face-ups and mods in the same style as some of our dolls.
Nariko has matured since she first came
Type of Doll Angelregion Fair Diana
Type of Eyes Kanis glass eyes
Face-up in picture above Pink Hazard
Modifications Gave her Volks hands and tabi feet which are more elegant.
Date of Birth 29-12-2006 (but she is 15)
Zodiac Capricorn, Dog - fire
Gender Female
Her name means Thunder
Personality Edgy, cool, rockchick, into anything alternative, love Rock music (any kind), I'm strong willed but very sweet to people I love, creative, love pink.
Background I moved in with my boyfriend Takahiro as we are both studying abroad. My parents thought I was too young to go, but I managed to persuade them. Takahiro's parents are always traveling, but they think he's very responsible and they trust him. They event sent his younger brother and sister to live with us! We are renting the apartment together, but fortunately I got a say in decorating the place ( Takahiro has no taste... ). I'm studying fashion design and I think I'm pretty good at it :) . I also love accessorizing and I have a small shoe collection ( although it would be much bigger is everyone would let me ). I got reunited with my sister Marika who was abducted when we were both very young. She has been raised by the vampire sister of our house guest Bran and she doesn't remember me. It hurt so much to look into the unchanged face of my sister, who was older than me at the time of her disappearence. It hurt even more when she claimed not to know me and not to have an interest in me. I am determined to make her remember, although the little monster she has become is a far cry from the sweet girl she used to be. She says her name is Marcia, not Marika, but I know better. I can never forget how my dear sister looked and I know for certain it is her.
Hobbies love sewing, drawing, poetry, dancing, designing I collect Asian dolls such as Pullip, Blythe, Kurhn, Joe Tai Doll, Jennifer Sue, Momoko, Susie and others. I also like the Animé style dolls like Sakurana, Pretty Cure, Apple Fields, Winx Club, Witch, Princess Ai and many others.
Goals in life I want to become a famous fashion designer, I'm already practicing my sewing skills. I like modelling and drawing fashion sketches as well.
Favorite quote: Never despise fashion, it's what we have instead of God. Malcom Bradbury
Pets: I have a tank of fish which I really like.

This is Nariko:

Nariko's default face-up and wig. After some small accidents, I had to redo part of her face-up. It didn't turn out well. Nariko's third face-up, by Pink Hazard. Romance
Where dolls live Morgan and Nariko Alice in Punkland Madame Butterfly

Nariko's relationships:

Takahiro - boyfriend Angela - best friend Marika - sister  


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