These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.
You can however request face-ups and mods in the same style as some of our dolls.
Micah is in love with Bran.
Type of Doll Dollshe Hound Normal Skin
Type of Eyes Urethane, special order with one enlarged pupil as it's supposed to be permanently dialated.
Face-up in picture above Pink Hazard
Modifications None
Wig Monique Starr cut to length
Date of Birth 16-8-2007
Gender Male
His name means the angel that watches over spiritual evolution.
Personality Friendly, bi-sexual, gentle and loving.
Background Micah likes to look like the Goblin King (David Bowie) from the movie the Labyrinth. At times he believes he actually is the Goblin King. He met his current lover Bran in his Barn Owl form when his wing got injured. Bran has a great love for owls and took him home to heal him. After being healed, the little barn owl transformed into Micah ( in all his manly glory ;) ). They fell in love and have been together since.
Hobbies RPG and David Bowie imitations ( I also sing sometimes ).
Goals in life like to meditate, play games and help others to relax and enjoy their life too. At times, I will help people evolve by offering them self reflection.
Favorite quote: Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave - Jareth the Goblin King from the movie The Labyrinth
Pets: I found a chipmunk in the garden and decided to keep him as a pet.

This is Micah:

Micah close-up Micah the Goblin King    


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