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Lilith is married to Kiril, sister to Morgan and Bran, daughter of Sericea and the mother of Daray.
Type of Doll Cerberus Project Vampire Dark Elf Soo Beauty White
Type of Eyes Souldoll
Face-up in picture above Pink Hazard
Modifications None
Wig Several
Date of Birth 8-6-2007
Gender Female
Her name means Of the Night
Personality Neat freak, manipulative, calculating, righteous, likes order an cleanliness.
Background I am Bran's halfsister and Morgan's twin. Our mother the (Elven) Queen was raped by a Fallen Angel during on of the sieges on their fortresses, from this unholy act came Bran, my younger brother. My father is the (Vampire) King. I am married to the excuisite Kiril and together we have a son, Daray. I have come to this dimension to get my baby back home. He went to Bran without my permission, said something about a mission, but I didn't listen very carefully. Nobody gave him any orders and if anybody dared to, I would have them incarcerated. My little Daray can't feed very well yet, nor can he transform properly. Usually, he transforms halfway back into is elven state, with his ears looking like bat wings. The poor thing doesn't have the best feeding habits, he is gluttonous when eating and leaves the biggest mess when done. He consumes a lot of energy beacuse of his youthful enthousiasm and waits too long to feed, thus becoming too eager too. One of the benefits of being royalty is that we can blink from place to place. It only works in one dimension at a time, but it does insure we can get out of a pickle fairly easy or in my case, I can save my boy from trouble. If Bran wasn't the heir to the throne, I would rule our land. Sadly, my father took Bran as his own son and legal eire to the thrown. I do respect my brother, however I wish he wouldn't take such advantage of the fact that he is the Chosen One. He acts like a little brat sometimes. He could be a great king and I shall stand by his side as his advisor. One day, my son shall inherit the throne, because Bran will not prodoce an heir due to his homosexuality. He may or may not take a wife to be queen, this I do not know. I shall be ready for the day Daray is King. I am also a practicer of dark magic, I find it very useful at times. I'm looking for the right spell to put my husband's head back on his shoulders. He lost it in a fight with a vampire hunter, the fool. How he could lose his head ovber this girl is a mystery to me, she was completely incompetent. Lucky for him, he wasn't vanquished due to her lack of experience. My apprentice Marcia came to me at the age of 10. She was abducted by friends of mine who had their fun with her, turning her vampire after feeding on her. They wanted to get rid of her afterwards and heard that I was without child and thus they decided to bring this nuisance to my house. At first, I declined the honour, but after they had persuaded me by threatening my family's position at the court by leaking out sensitive information to the Angels, I accepted. She was called Marika, but that was such a ridiculous name that I renamed her Marcia, which is a lot more decent to pronounce. Marcia has proven to be very useful, I took her on as my apprentice to make spending time with her more interesting. She is also my household help. I had to teach her everything and the silly girl sees me as a maternal substitute. I must admit, until I had Daray I enjoyed the idea of having a child that I could school in my art. When we arrived in the house of the humans Nariko and Takahiro, things got unnecessarily complicated. Appearently, Marcia is the older sister of Nariko and now the girl is determined to get her sister back. I however will not let go of my apprentice after I have spent so much time and energy on her. I just came here to get my son back but it seems that our stay in this world will be prolonged by these recent events.
Hobbies Cleaning, casting spells and preparing rituals, brewing potions and collecting magical items.
Goals in life To see my son take the thrown someday.
Pets: None, they are very messy.

This is Lilith:

Lilith's first face-up Lilith the Wicked Witch Lilith's new face-up The Lovers


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