Demon of Love ( Luxuria )
Demonic name: Asmodeus
These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.
You can however request face-ups and mods in the same style as some of our dolls.
Kazuo is one of the Seven Brothers of the Deadly Sins.
Type of Doll Fairyland Feeple 60 Juri 2011, male body muscular, natural skin
Type of Eyes Lifelike Acrylics red
Face-up in picture above  
Date of Birth 26-02-2012
Gender Male
His name means Harmonious Man
Personality Peaceful, trying to be balanced.
Background Son of the demon of Love, Rosier. My mother was a strong believer in harmony, but she sent me out into the world at a young age to learn the nuances between right and wrong. She felt I don't posess the ability to seperate one from the other (I don't know WHERE she gets that). I was raised by aikidoka and was taught the secrets and art of Aikido from an early age. I am said to be a prodigy in this Martial Art. The aikidoka were good teachers and kind masters. Little did they know that I would learn so fast and at a young age there was little more they could teach me. They decided it was time for me to travel the world and bring harmony wherever I were to go. I did not want to disgrace my masters and humbly accepted my mission, though I still miss their wisdom and friendship everyday. Since my father is Rosier, I inherited some of his traits and powers. I can make creatures fall in love, not always to their advantage. Unfortunately my powers are not as strong as my dad's and the spell usually wears off fast. But thankfully usually something interesting happens in the meantime. Bringing harmony is still my goal, but my nature sometimes compells me to act differently.
Hobbies Practicing Aikido, meditating, spreading love
Goals in life Bringing harmony and balance to the world and make the whole world love someone; anyone!

This is Kazuo (his old shell was a Dollzone Meigi):

Kazuo's arrival story. Kazuo after his make-over to a full breed demon.    


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