These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.
You can however request face-ups and mods in the same style as some of our dolls.
Daray has a daughter, Pandora, with Chandra. He is the son of Lilith and Kiril.
Type of Doll Soom MD Monzo grey skin
Type of Eyes Black/red glass
Face-up in picture above Pink Hazard
Date of Birth 1-5-2007
Gender Male
His name means Dark; Gaelic
Personality Entitled, arrogant and not in touch with the reality outside the castle walls. He does have a remarkable soft side when it comes to his daughter though.
Background I have been ordered ( well, not really, but I could have been ) to help my uncle Bran retrieve the magical sword whith which he can stop the war that has become the main focus on our homeworld. I am a the son of Lilith and Kiril. It seems to me the Angels and demons are influenced by an evil force which keeps them hostile. The sidhe fight only to defend themselves against Angel attacks. They are actively looking for a peaceful solution of the neverending fute. During my stay with the sidhe I have learned that there is an Angel spy working undercover to sabotage their attempts at peace. While I would rather seek him out, I will execute my ( self-fabricated ) orders and help the prophecy along. I just hope the spy doesn't cause too much damage while I am away.
Goals in life  
Pets: None at the moment, mom doesn't like pets because they're messy.

This is Daray:

This used to be Daray, but his size was too small for us so he grew up. Pandora's Debut Story: the Moon   


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