an OOAK Ball Jointed Doll design head by Pink Hazard

Christophe was created using a Cerberus Project/ Luts Shiwoo Special Vampire head, purchased in december 2007 (we are his first owners).

We have photographed him with and without flash and with different lighting, to be able to show his actual skin color and details best. We have given him an extreme face-up using Liquitex acrylics, soft pastels and several coats of Mr. Super Clear, which can be interpreted as gothic/ horror/ glam rock or maybe even as a psychotic clown ;) It's up to you to decide who this boy will be...

We have created a special Pink Hazard stretch-to-fit furwig to compliment his unique style. The wig can be styled in different ways, but has a parting in the middle.

Included were: * Luts Shiwoo Vampire head (human) from december 2007 * Pink Hazard exclusive synthetic fur wig * 1 pair of Eyeco soft glass eyes (like silicone) * 1 Pink Hazard latex wigcap


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