These dolls are from our personal collection and are not for sale.
Type of Doll Cuarto Russian Artist doll
Type of Eyes rhinestones
Face-up in picture above none
Modifications none
Wig none
Date of Birth 21-8-2014
Zodiac Leo
Gender Female
Her name means Black Dragon
Personality A very gentle dragon
Background She lives on the void of 2 worlds there is a thin line between the human world and the elfen world. She is very curious and when she has the chance she skips from one side to the other. Her watchers must follow her in to the human world several times a month to bring her back to her own side. She is the pet of Pandora.
Hobbies klimbing and sitting on tree branches
Goals in life just being a nice pet
Pets: none

This is Blackdragon:

Blackdragon's debut      


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